T-Rex 700 Nitro Pro
Acrobat Helicopter Voodoo 600

Helicopter for the Reflex XTR flight simulator,
constructed by Eiperle CGM
System: Reflex XTR v5.06, v5.05, 5.04

The Voodoo 600 is a complete new 3d geometry. The great thing about this high quality simulator model is that it need little storage and looks great ! The mod file is only 348 KB. The beautiful canopy is the result of an actual RMK construction. The texture is unusually high compared with other models thanks to a new construction method. The flight characteristics correspond to those of our real helicopter, also in 3D flight.

New Service: Order the download or CD version with credit card or PayPal and you can download the Voodoo 600 immediately! Start using it straightaway while the CD is on its way by airmail.
Purchase online and download immediately for only 17,- Euro / 20,- USD.
Reflex XTR screenshots: