neXt - CGM rc Flight Simulator, developed by Eiperle CGM

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP
  • Apple Mac OSX 10.9 or later
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04 or later

Languages: English, French, German, Chinese

Download for free - Version 1.619 (October 27, 2019) - release notes

The neXt level of radio control flight simulation. We gave our rc Flight Simulator the name neXt because it heralds the next evolution in the model flight simulator industry.

Thanks to the highly effective programming beneath the hood of the graphics engine, you'll get the highest quality not only on the latest hardware, but also smooth performance on older computer systems. To demonstrate the quality of the physics simulation included in neXt we have published a few videos here.

The neXt contains 22 flight sceneries, 73 helicopters, 12 multicopters and 5 fixed-wing models. More scenes, helicopters and functions will be added in free updates. All v 1.x updates are free of charge.

Compatible control systems:

  • We do recommend the use of the RCWare RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adapter which offers up to 8 proportional channels and works with all common transmitters. You can order the RX2SIM in our online shop.
  • PS3 / PS4 Controller (Apple OSX)
  • XBox 360 Controller (Windows)
  • All input devices that output a joystick signal will be accepted (see compatibility list)

Demo version: You can download the neXt helicopter simulator for free from our server and test it via keyboard shortcuts. If you would like to try out your own transmitter before you buy, you can do this for 2 minutes.

Purchase online and download immediately for 84,90 Euro / 89,90 USD.

New Service: Order the download or DVD version with credit card or PayPal and you can download the neXt CGM rc Heli Simulator immediately! Start using it straightaway while the DVD is on its way by airmail.

Beginner: The hover flight trainer progressively enables more and more control functions in order to help beginners learn hovering from the four predefined angles. An inverted-flight trainer completes this training program. The switchable autopilot simulates the flight behavior of real helicopters with rescue systems (e.g. BEASTX Microbeast Pro-Edition).

Advanced: The Simulator is of course fully 3D. If necessary, the neXt shows the stick movements with four available control assignments. Now you can train blade scratching. Practice autorotations and learn the required pitch inputs to perform the manoeuvre in reality with confidence. The more the energy builds up in the main rotor blades, the more the flight data display (below heli) turns yellow.

Training videos for learning Roll, Turn, Funnel, TicTocs, Piro Flip, Piro Looping, Piro Circle, Piro TicToc, a.s.o. Press the key 'v' to open the flight recorder. Click on 'Menu' and load the desired training video.

Fun: Try to land your helicopter at a box. A optional marker shows the position of the helicopter on the ground. The real time flight data display (below model) shows the selected flight data. Meet your friends online in flight meetings. A maximum of up to 16 pilots can attend a room. Record your best flights and save them to disk.

REDNECK NIGHT FLY with fire and a spot light. Inspired by Camp Hardcore and Tony Whiteside. The only place in USA to allow spot light flying.

Racetracks for multicopters and fpv camera including a top 30 highscore list (offline and online).

Professional film production: Practice camera flights in co-operation between the pilot and the cameraman with the DJI S1000 - including 3axis control and GPS stabilization. The camera can be controlled by a second transmitter or Joypad (Society of Aerial Cinematography / SOAC).

VR: First flight sim with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality Headsets (Open VR / Virtual Reality).

Installation: Optional You can download the neXt in a zip file archive. Just copy the contents to a location of your choice - no further installation required. Available updates are displayed at startup.

Copy protection: The online activation requires an internet connection. A person can activate neXt on up to two computers. However, the two installations can not be used simultaneously. It violates our software terms of use when two people share a license.

Minimum recommended system:
CPU: 1.83GHz
System memory: 3 GB RAM
800 MB hard drive space
GPU 3D support and 256 MB RAM

Optimal system:
CPU: 2.3GHz
System memory: 4 GB RAM
1 GB hard drive space
GPU: 3D support and 512 MB RAM

Optimal system for Full HD video output:
CPU: 2.3GHz
System memory: 8 GB RAM
1 GB hard drive space
GPU: 3D support and 2048 MB RAM

Luca Pescante is flying a T-Rex 700E in the neXt rc Helicopter Simulator. Great Flight... enjoy it!
  • 1st place Junior F3N World Championship 2013
  • 1st Place F3N Italian Championship 2013

Mirko Cesena is flying a Logo 700 XXtreme in the neXt. Great Flight... enjoy it!
  • 2nd place Heli Masters Germany 2014 (D)
  • 1st place 3D Cup 2014 (F)
  • 1st place Advanced Heli Masters 2013 - 3D Worldwide Championship (NL)
  • 1st place Heli Masters Nordlingen 2013 (D)
  • 1st place Rotor Live Contest 2013 Iffezheim (D)

Side by side video (reality - neXt Flight Simulator):

Valerio Bottero shows us a typical training session in 'neXt - CGM rc Helicopter Simulator'.
Side by side comparison of 'Real life flying' and 'Simulator flying'.
  • Got 3 times consecutively the 1st place at the 3DCup France 2013
  • 4th place at the italian championship in 2013
  • 8th place at the Heli Masters in Germany (2014)
  • 8th place at the WorldWide Championship in 2015 (3D Cup World Edition)

ALIGN TREX 700X - Lotte Chawanagon
  Align T-Rex 800E PRO DFC
setup by Luca Pescante
  Align T-Rex 700X Dominator
setup by Luca Pescante
  Align T-Rex 700XN Dominator
setup by Luca Pescante
  Align T-Rex 700L Dominator
setup by Luca Pescante
  Align T-Rex 700E PRO DFC HV
setup by Luca Pescante
T-Rex 700 Nitro Pro   Align T-Rex 700E,
MicroBeast flybarless system
  Align T-Rex 600E PRO DFC
  Align T-Rex 550L Dominator  
  Align T-Rex 550E PRO DFC
Align T-Rex 550E DFC
  Align T-Rex 500L Dominator
setup by Luca Pescante
  Align T-Rex 450L Dominator  
  Align T-Rex 450PRO DFC  
  Bell 222 (Align T-Rex 700E)  
  Hughes 500E (Align T-Rex 550 DFC)  
  Hughes 500E (Align T-Rex 450 DFC)  
  Shape S8
setup by Timo Cuerlis
  Shape S2
  XLPower Specter 700
setup by Valerio Bottero
setup by Kan Poonnoi
  soXos Strike7 (Heli Professional)
  Henseleit Three Dee Fun (TDF)
setup by Tobias Wilhelm

  Model Power Extra 330LX 2.70m  
  Multiplex Extra 330SC 1.15m  
  JS-design Violence
setup by Jonas Schelpe
  JS-design ShockWave
setup by Jonas Schelpe
  Flying Disk  
  GAUI NX7 Formula  
  GAUI X7 Formula  
  GAUI R5  
  GAUI X3  
  SAB Goblin Kraken
setups by Charles Aubert and Jonas Schelpe
  SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro
setup by Jonas Schelpe and Steinar Walaker
  SAB Goblin Black Thunder T
setup by Charles Aubert and Jonas Schelpe
  SAB Goblin Black Thunder Sport Havok Edition
setup by Charles Aubert
  SAB Goblin Black Thunder Sport Gold
setup by Simon Hildrew
  SAB Goblin Black Nitro 700
setup by Charles Aubert
  SAB Goblin Black Thunder Sport
setup by Charles Aubert
  SAB Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition
setup by Charles Aubert
  SAB Goblin 700 Comp. Carbon Edition HPS3
setup by Jonas Schelpe
  SAB Goblin 700 Competition Carbon Edition
setup by Jonas Schelpe
  SAB Goblin 700
setup by Daniel Wiedenmann
  SAB Goblin 570
setup by Jonas Schelpe
  SAB Goblin 570 Nitro
setup by Jonas Schelpe
  SAB Goblin 380
setup by Jonas Schelpe
  SAB Goblin 280 Fireball
setup by Valerio Bottero / Jonas Schelpe
  MSH Protos Max Leggero Evoluzione 700
setup by Tamas Levardi
  MSH Protos Max Leggero 700 V2
setup by Tamas Levardi
  MSH Protos 380
  CORE 700
  Banshee 700 Limited Edition
setup by Michael Streit
  Banshee F3N,
Custom made by Nico Niewind
  JR Vibe 90 SG FBL
setup by Urs Hotz, Schwebebiene
  JR Forza 700
  EC Tiger
Eurocopter, 2m
  ESKY 150X
  Mikado Logo 700 VTX
setup by Mirko Cesena
  Mikado Logo 700 XXtreme
setup by Mirko Cesena
  Mikado Logo 600 SE
setup by Mirko Cesena

  Mikado Logo 600 3D
setup by Mirko Cesena
  Mikado Logo 500 SE
setup by Mirko Cesena
  Compass Chronos 700
setup by Sebastià Serra Montes
  Compass Atom 7HV Ultimate
  Compass Atom 6HV Ultimate  
  Dart Tin DT 700E  
  Dart Tin DT 600E  
  Dart Tin DT 520E  
  Minicopter Diabolo 700
setup by Max Grundler

  Acrobat Helicopters Voodoo 700  
  Acrobat Helicopters Voodoo 600  
  Rave Ballistic 635  
  Blade 600X
Horizon Hobby
  Blade 550X
Horizon Hobby
  Blade 130X
Horizon Hobby
  Raptor E550S FBL
Thunder Tiger

  KDS Agile 7.2  
  KDS Agile 5.5  
  Prototype PEAK 700  
  Align M470 Multicopter  
  Align MR25 Multicopter

  Shape WarriorHDX  
  DJI Spreading Wings S1000
  DJI Phantom
  Full Pitch MicroVolt 250
Race Copter
  Graupner Alpha300Q
Race Copter
  Graupner Alpha250Q
Race Copter
  Smack FPV sRACER 207 (Bert Kammerer, Bobby Watts)
Race Copter
  Droni Life Frame Massive
Race Copter
  Droni Life Pocket Massive
Race Copter
History neXt

1.619 (27.10.2019)

  • ALIGN E1 training (Tab Training, Traffic Cones)
  • autorotation calculation improved
  • some further improvements

1.613 (18.10.2019)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro
  • new scenery: Les Aigles de Battice RCA (Belgium)

1.610 (10.10.2019)

  • compatible to Mac OS Catalina 10.15
  • Chinese language files updated
  • collision bug in X3D terrains fixed
  • mouse focus bug fixed in tab Input Device > Functions (was visible while the text size was bigger than 1)
  • new setups for the fixed-wing models
  • flightbox is now working also with multicopters and fixed-wing models  
  • some further improvements

1.607 (20.09.2019)

  • green canopy for the Forza 700
  • time scale window (tab Training)

1.605 (13.09.2019)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin 570 Nitro

1.604 (12.09.2019)

  • bug fixes

1.601 (31.08.2019)

  • additional canopy for the ALIGN T-Rex 700X
  • fixed GUI bugs (model, training)

1.597 (22.08.2019)

  • bugfix for online flight meetings
  • ghost-sticks can be activated in Settings > Output Device

1.596 (20.08.2019)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin Black Nitro 700
  • now up to 16 pilots in an online flight meeting
  • ghost-sticks disabled
  • added tutorial features
  • GPS and Attitude mode for helicopters
  • air pressure sensor for hovering in a fixed height (helicopters)
  • automatic take-off and landing functions for GPS and Attitude modes

1.589 (25.07.2019)

  • some bug fixes

1.585 (27.06.2019)

  • new helicopter: soXos Strike7
  • a tutorial for beginners (Multicopter / Drone / Heli)

1.583 (07.06.2019)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin Kraken
  • new fixed-wing model: Flying Disk

1.581 (22.05.2019)

  • improved fixed-wing physic.

1.580 (17.05.2019)

  • new fixed-wing model: Multiplex Extra 330SC 1.15m
  • additional training mode: traffic cone square. Enable the position marker and practice hovering along the lines.

1.578 (08.05.2019)

  • bugfix Chat window

1.577 (06.05.2019)

  • updated Specter 700 setup by Valerio Bottero

1.576 (30.04.2019)

  • we have added a very interesting flight recording of 2018 Mirko Cesena's music flight where you can watch his stick movements on the screen. StickMover owners can feel Mirko's flight on their StickMover's sticks while they watch the recording (key v, menu and load). Hope you guys enjoy!
  • updated Logo setups by Mirko Cesena

1.575 (22.04.2019)

  • new helicopter: Mikado Logo 700 VTX
  • adjustable sun in the custom scenery

1.571 (29.03.2019)

  • new helicopter: Henseleit Three Dee Fun (TDF)

1.569 (20.03.2019)

  • new sceneries: MF Emskirchen and MFC Auerbach

1.568 (13.03.2019)

  • flight recorder: now you can set in out points in the recorder window by pressing i and o. The markers are shown there.
  • now you can use your own scenes. To do this, create the cube map files in PNG format and place them in the 'Documents/neXt/CustomScenery' folder. Then load the 'Custom Scenery'. The camera height is fixed at 1.60 m.
  • some minor bug fixes.

1.564 (26.02.2019)

  • new fixed-wing model: JS-design ShockWave (standard and with a variable pitch propeller)

1.561 (19.02.2019)

  • adjustable vertical camera position for OpenVR devices in X3D sceneries (Settings > Camera).
  • now you can customize the keyboard shortcuts (Settings > Misc).
  • the flight recorder has now a loop function.
  • limit the playback area by setting in-out markers in the flight recorder menu (Cut)
  • new fixed-wing: Violence with a variable pitch propeller

1.557 (30.01.2019)

  • very important bugfix for the dongle handling.
  • now you can also select the native resolution of the screen (Settings > Graphic).
  • now you can train the emergency landing in case of an engine failure. Activate the random engine failure in the tab Training.

1.555 (15.01.2019)

  • license tab and dongle handling updated.
  • fixed GUI bugs (occurred when the text size was not 1.0).

1.554 (15.01.2019)

  • yellow canopy for the Protos 380
  • now there can be up to 10 friends in your friends list for online meetings.
  • online meeting functions updated (chat window and lobby)
  • scenery loader updated

1.553 (10.01.2019)

  • bugfix when the text size is not 1.0 and a X3D scenery without race track was loaded.

1.552 (09.01.2019)

  • the Diabolo 700 got an extra canopy design.
  • collision calculations are now available in the sports hall for walls, ceiling and other items.
  • during hover training (key t) its now possible to activate a flight box as limitation (Tab Training).  
  • position and size of the binoculars window is saved in the settings.
  • transmission of own stick movements in online flight meetings can be deactivated (Tab Settings > Online).
  • separate version number check in place for online flight meetings.
  • trees and grass are automatically turned off following a frame rate alert in an X3D scenery.
  • accelerated model loader
  • optimised the spawn function
  • main rotor speed is no longer limited to the manufacturer specifications.

1.548 (04.12.2018)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin 700 Black Thunder Sport Gold
  • new main rotor wind calculation
  • adjustable smoke quality on the tab Settings > Graphics, option 'Nitro Smoke Quality'
  • the volume of the main and tail rotor can be adjusted separately (tab Settings > Sounds)
  • stick movements can also be recorded on the field (in reality) with an RX2SIM (Recorder, Menu > Settings, option 'Lock Model Position'). This control signal can be exported to a csv file with 'Export to Image Sequence'.

1.544 (20.11.2018)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin 700 Black Thunder Sport Havok Edition
  • new wind
  • Chinese language support

1.541 (30.10.2018)

  • fixed GUI bugs (chat window)
  • compiled with latest network libraries (v 2.4): unfortunately, you cannot meet with users of an older neXt version.
  • improved fixed-wing physic
  • easter egg

1.540 (22.10.2018)

  • fixed some GUI bugs

1.538 (19.10.2018)

  • new helicopter: Shape S2
  • fixed some GUI bugs
  • compiled with latest network libraries (v 2.2): unfortunately, you cannot meet with users of an older neXt version.

1.536 (18.09.2018)

  • fixed some GUI bugs

1.531 (27.08.2018)

  • Trace of the Top View (tab Training)
  • OSX: disabled Metal, because Open GL Core is also on new Macs faster
  • fixed some GUI bugs

1.529 (22.08.2018)

  • the improved GUI looks nice and saves up to 40% CPU time.
  • the flight recorder can optionally record twice as many keyframes (recorder Menu > Settings)
  • new Jog / shuttle function for the flight recorder (use the upper slider)
  • all windows now have scalable text, which is useful for HiDPi screens (Settings tab > Graphics)
  • FPV can be displayed on a second monitor (Training tab)

1.520 (26.05.2018)

  • new helicopter: XLPower Specter 700
  • extended timer: The duration can be selected, with optional beep at half time (tab Settings > Sound).
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.6f2.

1.517 (03.05.2018)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin 280 Fireball
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.5p4.

1.515 (09.04.2018)

  • tab Training: Traffic Cones
  • new RX2neXt/RX2SIM firmware brings iBus support and an bugfix for the RX2SIM (sometimes no HID if the RX2SIM is always connected to the PC)

1.511 (03.03.2018)

  • new helicopter: Align T-Rex 700XN Dominator, setup by Luca Pescante
  • the Avirem Stick Mover is supported as an output device. Demo

1.504 (05.02.2018)

  • improved dongle handling

1.502 (03.02.2018)

  • new helicopter: SAB Black Thunder 700 T
  • FPV Window can be switched off permanently (tab Training)
  • improved guest list (online meeting)
  • new GUI for the flight recorder
  • RX2SIM control (tab Settings > Input Device: Calibrate Input Device)
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.5p1.

1.497 (21.12.2017)

  • sand storm and fog for all sceneries.
  • snow for the X3D Nightfly scenery and some of the race tracks.
  • the option 'Mouse Orbit' (Camera tab) can be paused by pressing the key o.

1.495 (11.12.2017)

  • new helicopter: SAB Black Thunder Sport
  • fixed-wing physic uses now global wind
  • all canopy textures got a higher quality level

1.492 (27.11.2017)

  • improved fixed-wing physic
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.4p3.

1.486 (31.10.2017)

  • new fixed-wing model: JS-design Violence (flight physic is beta).

1.485 (27.10.2017)

  • Windows build doesn't need a permanent internet connection.
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.4p1.

1.484 (10.10.2017)

  • new helicopter: MSH Protos 380
  • optimized fixed-wing simulation. Wind Multiplier should be 1.33 (tab Settings > Physic).
  • OSX build doesn't need a permanent internet connection.
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.3f4.

1.483 (26.9.2017)

  • blue-white canopy for Compass Chronos 700
  • hover trainer got training modes

1.482 (13.9.2017)

  • yellow-red canopy for Compass Chronos 700
  • flight recorder bug fixed (fixed-wing)
  • OSX build is now again 32bit (memory consumption 32bit: 129 MB, 64bit: 175,9 MB)
  • Sports-Hall Bargteheide: Now you can land on the ceyling. Please delete the scene from the scenery folder and re-download it.
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.3p3.

1.481 (3.9.2017)

  • new helicopter: Compass Chronos 700, setup by Sebastià Serra Montes
  • T-Rex 550E DFC canopy for T-Rex 550E PRO DFC
  • the name of a flight condition can now be 15 characters (before 11 characters)
  • optionally the 32bit OSX version can be installed
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.3f3.

1.479 (27.8.2017)

  • Super Sampling Anti Aliasing bug fixed (tab Settings > Graphic)
  • Anti Aliasing Post Effect option: SMAA or FXAA (tab Settings > Graphic)
  • garbage collection bug of the new GUI elements fixed

1.478 (21.8.2017)

  • new helicopter: MSH Protos Max Leggero 700 V2
  • new multicopter: Droni Life Pocket Massive
  • new scenery: Cologne Marsdorf Heli-Circus
  • new setup for the Extra by Charles Aubert
  • torque trainer with A.I. mode and gps height control ("T" key)
  • ghost sticks: you see what the torque trainer is doing on the A.I. controlled functions
  • new rotor dish calculation for multicopters
  • speedup for X3D colliders
  • brightness of spotlights can be adjusted in tab Training
  • now you can disable the X3D stars in tab Settings > Graphic
  • wind speed multiplicator for fixed-wing simulation in tab Settings > Physic
  • new GUI (graphical user interface) with adjustable text size (tab Settings > Graphic) (main menu will be updated soon)
  • a favorite filter for the model selection: The used models are saved automatically in the favorites list.
  • OSX build is now 64bit
  • compiled with Unity 5.6.3f1. Therefore all contents had to be updated (models and sceneries)

1.473 (20.5.2017)

  • new helicopter: MSH Protos Max Leggero Evoluzione 700
  • new fixed pitch helicopter: ESKY-150X Freakware Edition
  • new multicopter: Droni Life Frame Massive
  • physic for fixed pitch helicopters
  • flight recorder: slow motion for flight recordings
  • flight recorder: walk through recordings by using the cursor keys (</>) or +/-
  • flight recorder: Field of view offset for animation export
  • flight recorder: FPV setup
  • knife-edge mixer: The rudder affects depending upon model construction not only on yaw axis, but also the pitch and roll axis. Channel mixers can compensate this nearly completely.
  • reflection map bugfix
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.5f1

1.469 (21.3.2017)

  • damping factor in the fixed-wing physic
  • tooltips in the fixed-wing physic
  • pyro trainer (key z) has now a lock position option

1.468 (9.3.2017)

  • prop wash parameters in the fixed-wing physic
  • keep ground in sight: a rare flicker bug is fixed now
  • flight recorder: now you can hide the player window during playback (settings tab).
  • Exporter for StickMover (only visible for AVIrem)
  • propeller wind for fixed-wing models

1.466 (16.2.2017)

  • fixed-wing physic is now final.
  • field of view can be controlled by mouse wheel (option in tab Settings > Camera).
  • name of an activated license cannot be changed.
  • quick start menu
  • better compatibility to IKARUS Gamecommander
  • some further improvements

1.465 (13.1.2017)

  • improved fixed-wing physic.
  • scale helicopters are working now.

1.464 (10.1.2017)

  • the Extra 330LX got bigger elevator and rudder control surfaces. This improves the 3d performance. A bigger fuselage improves the behaviour in knife edge.
  • flight recorder, online flight meetings and the screenshot tool are working now also with fixed-wing models.
  • fixed control mode bug. Please calibrate your input device when your input functions are exchanged (tab Settings > Input Device).
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.4f1

1.463 (23.12.2016)

  • new fixed-wing: Model Power Extra 330LX 2.70m
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.3p4

1.462 (29.11.2016)

  • new helicopter: Prototype PEAK 700
  • new helicopter: Align Hughes 500E (T-Rex 450PRO DFC)
  • bugfixes: no shadow and reflection map
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.3p1

1.460 (14.11.2016)

  • new multicopter: Shape WarriorHDX
  • LED glow shader effect for the X3D LED racetrack.
  • adjustable sun in X3D sceneries (tab Scenery).
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.2p4

1.457 (26.10.2016)

  • added a drop shadow for older computers which cannot render shadows correctly.
  • added an additional "loudness" control option for model sound (tab Sound.
  • added "Adjustable target frame rate" (tab Settings > Graphics).
  • Castle Racetrack is now available.
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.2p1

1.455 (21.10.2016)

  • new multicopter: Smack FPV sRACER 207
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.1p4

1.454 (16.10.2016)

  • bugfix: incompatible old helicopter preferences are deleted automatically.
  • adjustable light intensity (tab Graphics)
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.2f1

1.452 (14.10.2016)

  • improved collision detection
  • additional parameters in tab Physic: Solver Iterations and Solver Velocity Iterations
  • bugfix: lost registration because of slow internet pings

1.450 (12.10.2016)

  • new helicopter: Align T-Rex 700X Dominator
  • new helicopter: Align T-Rex 500L Dominator
  • compiled with Unity 5.4.1p4: this allows physically calculated colors and a lot of additional new functions.
  • compiled with latest network libraries: unfortunately, you cannot meet with users of an older neXt version.
  • all models and sceneries had been updated for the new graphic libraries.
  • adjustable COG travel (tab Model Setup > Expert Settings).
  • modified autorotation simulation
  • show folder function available in screenshot, recorder and music tools. So you can find these folders much easier if needed.
  • new scenery loader can download several sceneries at once. Sceneries are saved to the program data folder. So, the downloaded sceneries cannot be deleted by the operating system.
  • a reflection map is calculated on the fly. So you can see the environment in shiny materials.
  • more setup options for the shadow calculations (tab Settings > Graphics: Resolution and Cascades).
  • all user preferences are now stored inside the program data folder. We don't use the system function any more. This eliminates the situation where installing updates corrupted the user rights of the configuration files so that neXt was not longer able to update these files.
  • over 100 minor changes.

1.440 (5.12.2016)

  • new scenery: X3D FPV Airrace LED
  • new scenery: X3D JR Canyons
  • FPV camera: tilt angle up to 90°
  • FPV camera: field of view up to 110°
  • FPV camera: fisheye objetive
  • ambient noise (tab Sounds).

1.438 (5.6.2016)

  • new multicopter: Graupner Alpha300Q (3D)
  • extended multicopter physic: Response Pitch and Booster
  • FPV camera: on/off switch (tab Training)
  • all helicopters got a FPV camera
  • now the stopwatch cannot be manipulated anymore
  • compiled with Unity 4.7.1f1

1.429 (3.9.2016)

  • bug fixes (flight recorder, model crash and spawn, ...)

1.428 (3.7.2016)

  • new scenery: X3D FPV Airrace Castle
  • Core 700 got a second canopy design
  • names of the input devices are displayed in the calibration menu
  • extended setups for X3D sceneries (tab Graphic)
  • canopy designs are now shown in the model setup menu

1.426 (2.27.2016)

  • new helicopter: Core 700
  • extended screenshot function (key q). Now you can modify the transparency of blades and rotor dish.
  • update path is now encrypted with SSL.
  • only the best score of a pilot is shown in the highscore list.
  • improved menu structure. Now all settings are on the settings tab. Training functions are now in the main menu. The model selection menu has been improved by changing it to fullscreen.

1.424 (2.9.2016)

  • Align T-Rex 700L Dominator Night Fly with LED's
  • Thunder Tiger Raptor E550S FBL got two additional canopy designs.

1.423 (1.30.2016)

  • new multicopter: Align MR25
  • new scenery: X3D FPV Airrace FAI
  • extended multicopter physic
  • extended camera gimbal options (tab helicopter)
  • rescue threshold for helicopters is now adjustable (tab simulator > training)
  • additional rescue mode for helicopters: normal with pitch
  • cache for chat messages is now doubled
  • now you can publish a helicopter setup as a chat message on our online feature. Simply copy the setup text from the setup import/export window into the chat input line.
  • improved sound calculation
  • presentation mode: Define a playlist in the flight recorder. Change to tab settings and run the playlist. Now customers can watch the flights in a endless loop. If somebody would like to fly, simply move the sticks of the transmitter and you can fly immediately. When you have stopped flying, the playlist restarts automatically. Exit the showcase mode by clicking onto the button in the right bottom area.
  • lensflare on cameras.
  • compiled with Unity 4.7.0f1

1.415 (12.23.2015)

  • new helicopter: Shape S8
  • new multicopter: Graupner Alpha250Q

1.410 (11.29.2015)

  • new helicopter: GAUI X3

1.409 (11.18.2015)

  • new helicopter: GAUI R5
  • compiled with Unity 4.6.9p1.

1.407 (10.19.2015)

  • new helicopter: GAUI NX7 Formula
  • Adjust position of stick display: Open menu (esc or using ALT key). Select Simulator > Input Device. Then the stick display can be dragged using mouse.

1.406 (10.07.2015)

  • players can now make private rooms that are not visible in the server listings, to join these rooms you will need to have the exact name of the server from the host, type it into the room name and click join.
  • host of the server can now set a limit on how many pilots can join a session.

1.405 (10.05.2015)

  • new helicopter: GAUI X7 Formula
  • compiled with Unity 4.6.8p3.

1.404 (09.12.2015)

  • new helicopter: Dart Tin DT 520E
  • X3D Racetrack: stop watch and high score list. Click onto the ranking button to view the high score lists.
  • X3D NY
  • full screen FPV output
  • FPV camera: Field of View is adjustable (Tab Helicopter)
  • compiled with Unity 4.6.8f1.

1.396 (08.02.2015)

  • improved physics and sound calculations

1.392 (07.28.2015)

  • new helicopter: Dart Tin DT 600E
  • new helicopter: Dart Tin DT 700E
  • new multicopter: Full Pitch MicroVolt 250
  • improved multicopter physic. Please reset all flight conditions as suggested during startup.
  • FPV camera tilt angle is adjustable (tab Helicopter).

1.385 (06.24.2015)

  • new helicopter: T-Rex 550L Dominator
  • smoke generator for all helicopters (tab Simulator > Training)
  • mouse look (tab Camera)
  • compiled with Unity 4.6.6p3.

1.384 (06.15.2015)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy Edition (setup by Jonas Schelpe)

1.383 (06.10.2015)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin 570 (setup by Jonas Schelpe)
  • new helicopter: Minicopter Diabolo 700 (setup by Max Grundler)
  • compiled with Unity 4.6.6p1.

1.381 (05.21.2015)

  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin 700 Competition Carbon Edition (setup by Jonas Schelpe)
  • new helicopter: SAB Goblin 700 Competition Carbon Edition HPS3 (setup by Jonas Schelpe)
  • compiled with Unity 4.6.5p1.
  • reflective decals on the T-Rex 700 and 800 canopies.

1.379 (05.08.2015)

  • new helicopter: Banshee F3N.

1.376 (04.30.2015)

  • new helicopter: Goblin 380.
  • compiled with Unity 4.6.4f1.

1.373 (04.19.2015)

  • Bugfix: The neXt does not hang up, when the serial number field is empty.
  • The help button can be switched off (tab Simulator > Widgets).

1.371 (04.02.2015)

  • new multicopter: Align M470.

1.370 (03.22.2015)

  • new heli: Hughes 500E.
  • the helicopter camera has now an optional crosshair (tab Simulator > Training).

1.369 (03.08.2015)

  • version 1.368 brought a multicopter bug. The neXt freezed when you have selected a multicopter. This is fixed now.
  • the screenshot function (key: q) simulates now a photo camera.

1.368 (03.04.2015)

  • compiled with Unity 4.63P1 which fixes some bugs:
  • Linux: Fixed "fullscreen to native resolution" for window managers that resize the window many times while full-screening.
  • Windows: Adding/removing game controllers should be detected more reliably now.
  • Windows: Fall back to XInput 1.0 when XInput 1.3 is not installed on the system.

1.367 (02.24.2015)

  • improved multicopter behaviour. Please reset all flight conditions. We have defined new throttle curves.
  • a size slider for the binoculars (tab Camera)
  • all helicopters got an adjustable damping rotor system.
  • we moved the help menu (key h) into Simulator > Misc.
  • now you can reset setup groups in the help menu.
  • some further improvements.

1.363 (02.14.2015)

  • new heli: Raptor E550S FBL
  • new heli: Blade 600X
  • compiled with Unity 4.61P5
  • updated online meeting library (Photon 1.5). Please notice, this neXt has an updated online flight meeting functionality, hence it is not compatible to older neXt releases and you cannot meet with users using an older neXt version.
  • landing gear state of guest helicopters is shown in online meetings
  • the original pitch angle of guest helicopters is shown in online meetings
  • helicopter designs of guest helicopters are shown in online meetings
  • the gimbal control has its own deadzone setting which is necessary when a joypad is used for controlling the gimbal
  • the gimbal stabilisation can be modified (Camera tab)
  • key e changes to the previously selected scenery
  • all manufactures now got their own menu button
  • now the registration changes automatically when you change your graphic card
  • destination folder for snapshots on Windows systems is now C:\Users\ user name \Documents\neXt\Snapshots\
  • destination folder for flight recordings on Windows systems is now C:\Users\ user name \Documents\neXt\FlightRecordings\
  • music should be placed on Windows systems into C:\Users\ user name \Documents\neXt\Music\
  • landing circle (tab Simulator > Training)
  • Multicopter: new attitude mode. This is the recommended mode for shooting videos in reality.

1.356 (12.21.2014)

  • The Sky Car can be switched off in Simulator/Training tab while the X3D scenery is loaded. The car can be used as film object. How to get the new X3D scenery? You have to delete the scenery cache (tab Scenery, key o, delete cache) and then you reload all online sceneries again.
  • New sound for the sports hall scenery (Tab Sound).
  • Music flight training: copy music files into the AssetBundles/Music folder. neXt accepts wav and ogg files. You can then load your music and start or stop it by pressing the 'n' key.
  • The landing pad got a second design (Drones4Experts, Tab Simulator/Training).
  • Some new flight modes are available for multicopters. They can be defined in the flight conditions and switched by using the transmitter. Off: no stabilisation at all. Attitude: stabilizes the model horizontally (self-levelling upright flight). GPS Pos: stabilizes the model horizontally and keeps the position by using GPS. Return To Home: maintains the current flight altitude and the model will return to the take-off location (home).

1.353 (12.10.2014)

  • Now you can lower the ambient light in the graphics tab for getting darker shadows.
  • Some further improvements and functions.

1.352 (11.28.2014)

  • Improved autorotation simulation.
  • As an overview improvement we have added further tabs on the simulator tab.
  • GPS position hold for multicopters.
  • A neXt logo can be displayed in the scene as an object to practise coordination between pilot and cameraman (Tab 'Simulator / Training').
  • For the pilots lists during online flight meetings there is now an extra widget available.
  • Some further improvements and functions.

1.347 (11.23.2014)

  • New Heli: Blade 550X.
  • Camera at the DJI S1000 including 3axis control and GPS stabilization. The camera can be controlled by a second remote control or Joypad.
  • The camera window is scalable and rendered with 4X Antialiasing.
  • An optional throttle channel can be defined in the calibration menu, Tab 'Special'.
  • New training videos by Thomas Mayr for learning: Roll, Turn, Funnel and TicTocs. Press the key 'v', click on 'FX' and load the desired animation. Switch the language if necessary (Tab: Settings). Press on '>' to view the training session.
  • Warning if more than 60 pictures per second are calculated, since then physics is not correct.
  • T-Rex 800 DFC got a second canopy design.
  • Some further improvements and functions.

1.340 (11.01.2014)

  • Extended anim recorder / player.
  • Additional canopy design for the Compass Atom 7 HV Ultimate (green).
  • Additional canopy design for the SAB Goblin 700 (yellow-red).
  • Piro-Flip training system: Press the key 'v', click on 'FX' and load the animation 'KE Piro-Training. Switch the language if necessary (Tab: Settings). Press on '>' to view the training session.

1.338 (10.23.2014)

  • New Heli: Align T-Rex 700L Dominator.
  • Camera and camera picture at the DJI phantom. The camera picture is visible only in the X3D scenery.
  • Reduced memory consumption.
  • Extended flight recorder: Now you can define sub-titles. The video can be frozen at the starting point of a sub-title. Jog-shuttle controller.
  • Two additional canopy designs for the Logo 600 SE.

1.336 (10.05.2014)

  • New Heli: KDS Agile 5.5.
  • Now the shadow strength is adjustable (Graphics tab). Preset is 75%, so you can see much better the distance between the helicopter and the ground.
  • Extended autorotation simulation.

1.332 (09.21.2014)

  • New Heli: JR Forza 700.

1.331 (09.12.2014)

  • Extended bladescratch simulation: scratches, noise and dust also in online flight meetings.

1.330 (09.09.2014)

  • Second canopy designs for T-Rex 600E DFC, Logo 600 3D, Banshee 700.
  • Extended autorotation simulation.
  • Bugfix heli menu.

1.329 (09.05.2014)

  • New Heli: KDS Agile 7.2.

1.328 (08.30.2014)

  • Blade 130X got his original sound.
  • New Blade 130X setup.
  • Better overspeed behaviour.
  • Sound calculation optimized.

1.327 (08.28.2014)

  • New Heli: Blade 130X.
  • Extended autorotation simulation.
  • Timer with sound signal.
  • Extended flight recording function: original collective pitch in degree, original camera movement, pilot name (Online-Name) and multilingual text plates are now included (.anim). Now you can prevent further changes of the recorded flight. The old .anix file will be converted automatically, but the collective pitch degree and camera movement won't be reconstructed.
  • Rudder Control: If activated, the tail can be still controlled while the piro trainer is steering (Tab: Simulator).
  • Logo 700 got his original sound.
  • Sound calculation is extended for playing higher rpm.

1.315 (07.25.2014)

  • New Heli: Compass Atom 7HV (not the final setup).
  • New Heli: Compass Atom 6HV (not the final setup).
  • New Heli: Mikado Logo 700 XXtreme (not the final setup).
  • New Multicopter: DJI Phantom.
  • New Multicopter: DJI S1000.
  • Cyclic Factor: Rise of cyclic effect through airflow velocity.
  • Gain for aileron-elevator gyro.
  • Gain for rudder gyro.
  • New power consumption calculation.
  • Torque Main Rotor: The more torque applied to the main rotor the more anti-torque authority is needed on the tail rotor.
  • Additional self leveling modes 'Normal', 'Normal & Invers' and 'Acro'. Acro adds also a bit cyclic pitch to the upward direction.
  • Unneeded buttons can be switched off while calibrating the input device.
  • Show the file path where recorded flights are located:
    - Open flight recorder using the 'v' key.
    - Click onto 'Load', then 'File Path'.
    - The path is displayed in the window at bottom of display.
  • Flare simulation.
  • Shows the rotation speed in degree per second (tab: simulator).
  • Extended autorotation simulation.
  • The neXt recognizes now up to 20 proportional channels.
  • Speedup for scenery and model loader.
  • New metal shaders. Select the preferred metal shaders (hi or low quality) in the graphic tab.
  • Center lines on the sticks.
  • Now the spotlights can be switched off (for night flying).
  • Now you can switch off the canopy of some helicopters. It's only for fun, there are no additional textures and details.
  • Now you can convert a flight recording into an image sequence.
  • Compiled with Unity3D 4.5.2.

1.293 (04.19.2014)

  • New Heli: Align T-Rex 550E PRO DFC
  • A gyro for pitch velocity.

1.292 (04.14.2014)

  • Six adjustable gyros for rudder, aileron and elevator.

1.290 (04.04.2014)

  • New Heli: T-Rex 450L Dominator.
  • Two further spot lights can switched on (tab Simulator).
  • The center of gravity depends now on the main rotor speed.

1.287 (03.28.2014)

  • REDNECK NIGHT FLY with fire and a spot light. Inspired by Camp Hardcore and Tony Whiteside. The only place in USA to allow spot light flying.
  • Now you can switch all sceneries between daylight and night in the 'Scenery' tab. The fire can be switched on and off in the 'Simulator' tab.
  • Now you can select which flight data fields you need (tab 'Simulator').
  • Pitch degree is now also available as flight data.
  • Speed improvement for the dust particle objects.
  • Now the recorder window is invisible when you play an animation.

1.280 (03.11.2014)

  • Bugfix heat distortion.
  • Key Z: Piro trainer on/off.

1.279 (03.10.2014)

  • Blade Reflections and Sun Glare, Canopy Reflections.
  • Environment reflections on the rotor blades.
  • Heat distortion for the ECTiger.
  • We moved the center of gravity towards the main rotor.
  • Spektrum fix is changed and always active.
  • The 'Piro Trainer' is useful for transmitters without trim tabs (tab 'Simulator'). You can define an offset for the tail rotor and the heli rotates with constant speed for training piro moves.
  • Now the timer can be displayed (Tab 'Simulator').

1.275 (03.01.2014)

  • New Heli: Align T-Rex 700E PRO DFC HV, setup by Luca Pescante.
  • Sun reflections on the rotor blades.

1.272 (02.23.2014)

  • Heli-Text text size is modified for the new camera mode.
  • The cloud region preset is set to the fastest cloud region.
  • Improved button setup.

1.271 (02.22.2014)

  • New Heli: Align T-Rex 800E PRO DFC, setup by Luca Pescante
  • Camera mode: keep ground in sight.
  • Sun reflections on the helicopters.
  • Mikado helis got their original sound.
  • New installer fixes an missing DLL error message.

1.267 (02.08.2014)

  • New Heli: Mikado Logo 500 SE
  • Vibe Setup from Urs Hotz (Schwebebiene).
  • Bug fixes: Online-Scenery-Loader and Online-Friend-Finder.

1.265 (02.05.2014)

  • New Heli: Mikado Logo 600 3D
  • A sort function in the helicopter menu. So you can list only the helicopters of a specific manufacturer.
  • Now the nitro engine of the Vibe can get overheated. You can adjust that by changing the ‚Overheat' parameter.
  • Flare Tone: Very useful for autorotation training. A tone informs the pilot about the actual flare strength. You can switch on these feature in the sounds tab.
  • Now camera damping can be reduced.
  • Helicopter textures are now sharper when flying awa.
  • Better setups for all helicopters.

1.261 (01.25.2014)

  • New Heli: Align T-Rex 600E PRO DFC
  • A new search function shows the amount of pilots in each cloud region.

1.258 (01.14.2014)

  • New Heli: Mikado Logo 600 SE
  • Lag compensation in online flight meetings fixes jitters while server is under load.
  • Better setups for all helicopters.

1.255 (12.25.2013)

  • New Heli: EC Tiger (Eurocopter, 2m)
  • Autorotation simulation works now with all helicopter weights.
  • Expert parameter settings for autorotation simulation.
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.254 (12.21.2013)

  • New Heli: Align T-Rex 450Pro DFC
  • An audio signal draws attention to incoming chat messages (Tab: Sounds).
  • Now you can copy chat messages into the clipboard. That's very useful for links.
  • Old chat messages are deleted automatically from the list.

1.252 (12.14.2013)

  • Extended range for rotor dish transparency
  • Preset for network guest sound on/off (Tab: Simulator)
  • Some minor bugfixes
  • Dynamic friction for crash simulation
  • Binoculars (Tab: Camera)
  • Automatic network room name can be disabled (Tab: Simulator)
  • 'Enter' sets the focus onto the chat window
  • Improved autorotation simulation

1.249 (12.07.2013)

  • Online flight meetings: Now up to 10 pilots can attend a room.
  • Key J: Chat window on/off.
  • Flight recorder: Now also works in OSX sandbox.
  • Key V: Opens the Recorder window, record start/stop, play stop.
  • New Heli: Voodoo 600
  • Added a dummy heli for guest helis which are not available on the own computer.
  • Ping can be shown permanently (Tab Simulator).
  • No seperate activation for online flight meetings.
  • The selected heli is marked in the preview image.

1.246 (11.30.2013)

  • Online flight meetings. A maximum of up to 7 pilots can attend a room, without changing your network configuration.
  • Flight recorder: Enable the recorder on the ‚Camera' tab. Flight recordings are stored to the AssetBundles/FlightRecordings folder.
  • Screenshot: Pressing the "Q" key saves a screenshot to the AssetBundles/Snapshots folder.
  • Pressing the "C" key loads the previously selected helicopter.

1.224 (09.02.2013)

  • Bladestop simulation
  • Birds

1.223 (08.28.2013)

  • neXT has been compiled with the latest Unity 4.2 engine, so some minor bugs have been fixed. This includes: Crashes on OSX and older graphics chips resulting from mismatched settings, better Linux support (cut and paste, web browser start) and faster shadow computation.
  • The program code has now completly been optimized for performance.
  • Previous sceneries are not longer compatible, this is due to the new Unity3D engine. Please delete them from the AssetBundle folder before installing the update.
  • Scenery loader with cache. If a scene was had selected once, the load times are just under 2 seconds.
  • Online scenery loader. Additional sceneries can now be downloaded and stored automatically. The size of the cache is limited to the available disk space on the system partition. Please select in the graphic tab which size you like to download (2k or 4k resolution).
  • Clean cache function (o key to unlock).
  • The window close button 'x' is now at the top right corner.
  • Autorotation parameter curves have been optimized.
  • Input signal jumps can be filtered out. The switch for this is located in the calibration window. Activate this function when using a Spektrum DX6.

1.217 (08.10.2013)

  • Banshee got his original sound.
  • Flight duration (heli tab). If you fly for longer the motor will stop and you must perform an autorotation.
  • Autorotation simulation.
  • Wind simulation (simulator tab)
  • You can save the actual helicopter position as spawn point by pressing the "f" key on your keyboard.
  • For the autorotation training you can set the start height on the simulator tab.
  • The 'Logarithmic' zoom mode produces a more realistic zoom behaviour.
  • Maximum zoom distance is adjustable.
  • Show ground camera mode - especially useful for autorotation training.
  • There is a switch to hide objects which are in far distance (graphics tab), please disable this option when experiencing performance issues.
  • Autorotation trainer: Go to the 'Simulator' tab and switch 'Display on the Heli' to 'Auro'. Text colours are red for maximum, yellow for minimum and white for no flare.
  • neXt now simulates the dynamic air resistance of the main blades, this will result in a more realistic speed flight behaviour.
  • Improved crash simulation.
  • The Windows version now also has an installer, so your sceneries won't get lost while installing future updates.
  • All sceneries are updated.

1.186 (04.30.2013)

  • New physical behavior of the helicopter after a crash.

1.184 (04.29.2013)

  • New Helicopter: Rave Ballistic 635 (Curtis Youngblood)
  • New Helicopter: Voodoo 700 (Acrobat Helicopters)
  • New Scenery: Airport Porta Westfalica
  • The shadow bias is now adjustable. For most video cards the value 0 is perfekt. Then the skid shadows while landing won't be cut off. The bias defines the minimal distance of shadow, where the shadow is calculated. Older graphics cards will flicker bias is set to 0. So increase the value to 2.
  • Optimized rotor appearance.
  • The crash behaviour of the skid is now optimised.
  • A sky grid is very useful for a better orientation in the practice of aerobatic manoeuvres.
  • For aerobatics training you can enable the flight box. The box will be shown as soon as you leaving the flight box.
  • Tooltips in the helicopter and simulator settings.
  • Now all 4 flight conditions can be switched by a transmitter.
  • Adjustable transparency of the rotor dish.
  • Presets are displayed per flight condition in the helicopter setup right next to the input fields.
  • Table in the MBG Mauchenmuehle is corrected (regarding smoke and shadows).
  • The neXt logo is now hideable.
  • The pitch curve window is hideable.
  • The menus are now less transparent (better visible).
  • Licensing on CPU ID instead of the unique identifyer.
  • Heli start point is now determined by Raycast.

1.175 (03.27.2013)

  • The Internet address for updates and registration is updated. With this update, the online activation is working again. At 03.07.2013 our server had a hard drive damage. A SSL certificate cannot transferred to a new server.
  • There is a flight box which is very helpful for precise flight training.

1.172 (03.03.2013)

  • New Heli: Banshee 700 Limited Edition.
  • The lift factor of the main rotor is now also simulated.
  • Left ALT button for menu.
  • Simulation improved after a crash.
  • New scenery: MFG Bad Saulgau.

1.165 (02.08.2013)

  • Automatic switching between proportional channel and button during the calibration process.
  • Special functions can be operated either via buttons, switches and control.
  • Now you can switch the flight conditions 1 and 2 by transmitter.

1.163 (02.08.2013)

  • The calibration wizard is improved. Now already used functions cannot be mapped to any other functions.
  • Demo time is suspended during the calibration process.
  • Special functions can be associated for remote controls and joypads as buttons, switches and sliders. Some 4-channel interfaces have usually two or four button functions, thus can be used in the neXt for special functions. The auto rotation function is not active yet, even though you may already associate it.
  • Helicopter preview pictures.
  • The distance calculation for the loudness of the helicopter sound is now adjustable. The physically correct calculation (logarithmic) and the linear calculation, which is generally louder.
  • MAC addresses of virtual network adapters are not used for registering the neXt.
  • The MAC address can choosed in the license tab.
  • The simulation speed can be set in the simulator tab. So, you can practise difficult figures at a slower speed.
  • Beautiful shadow calculation (same render speed as before).
  • All settings in the simulator tab are now saved.
  • Minor GUI bug fixed.
  • French texts corrected.
  • Exact height calculation, even over uneven terrain.
  • Exact ground effect calculation, even over uneven terrain.
  • A laser beam (heli-marker) marks the depth position of the helicopter on the ground.
  • Accurate and faster collision calculation for uneven mesh floors.

1.158 (01.16.2013)

  • Error message, if the MAC address is missing.
  • French language support.
  • Threshold value in the calibration is preset to joystick/remote control, skip button removed.
  • AMA: improved picture quality.
  • MBG Mauchenmuehle: higher image resolution quality, collision objects.
  • Different materials and dust for asphalt and grass.
  • AMA and Oberhausen: new ground collision objects.
  • AssetBundles now have the file extension 'next'.
  • Interferences in the control signal are filtered out.

1.154 (12.31.2012)

  • Registration server stores the MAC address of your computer. You can activate up to two computers.

1.152 (12.25.2012)

  • Performance bugs fixed
  • new scenery: AMA Muncie USA

1.150 (12.23.2012)

  • Scenery loader with with preview images
  • new scenery: MSV Oberhausen-Rheinhausen
  • new pause function, so the neXt does not crash when closing the menu.

1.147 (12-10-2012)

  • Panorama resolution doubled, same simulation speed as before
  • Helicopter volume can be adjusted now from 0 to 2 (louder).
  • The maximum distance where the sound stops attenuating is adjustable.
  • The main menu can be accessed with the right mouse button.
  • Deactivated channels in the channel overview are represented in ghost writing.
  • Collision detection is improved.
  • Braking force of Pitch is optimized.
  • Helitext displays now also height, distance, and speed. Simply turn on the helitext and click in the flight data bar on the desired display value.
  • Guide link in the calibration menu is now always present, not only at the beginning.
  • Activation can now also be deleted (useful if you have sold a computer).
  • An own pitch curve, which you can save and load at any time.

1.143 (12-02-2012)

  • New Heli: JR Vibe 90 SE
  • A trail can be activated (tab Simulator).
  • Exhaust gas simulation.
  • Nitro engine simulation.
  • Helicopter noise is now dependent on rotor speed.
  • Braking force of Pitch is optimized.
  • Elevator, aileron and rudder have extra multipliers for the medium speed range.

1.137 (11-20-2012)

  • Compiled with Unity4.
  • The neXt can be resized.
  • Sound bug while pitch bumps is fixed.
  • New slider for pitch dynamics.
  • Now the helicopter parameters description is online.
  • You can switch between km/h and mph.
  • You can switch the transmitter setup also in the simulator tab.
  • Alert message when frame rate is below 50 fps.
  • OSX: The neXt is running in a sandbox and is certified.
  • All registry and preferences paths are without spaces. So it's necessary to reactivate the neXt license.

1.134 (11-06-2012)

  • Bugfixes import and export function in the heli preferences.
  • Additional preferences for low rotor speeds.
  • Bugfixes in the heli physics bank switching function.
  • Bugfixes in the reset function after an update.

1.132 (11-06-2012)

  • V-Sync is disabled by default and the switch is hidden (key o).
  • Additional keys in the Help menu (Close, Menu, Exit).
  • Adjustable factor for rotor rotation representation.
  • Close button in the update message window.
  • 4 independent banks with all the helicopter parameters (in flight available).
  • 4 additional expert parameters for rotational inertia.
  • 4 independent remote control setups.
  • The mouse pointer is no longer switched off at open setting menus.
  • Stick mode is now available in the calibration window.
  • Import and export window for model parameters.
  • The neXt is available now for Linux.
  • The pitch physics calculation can be toggled in the Simulator tab. With and without mass calculation.

1.127 (10-28-2012)

  • Main rotor graphic optimized.
  • Optimized speed intrusion.
  • Pitch is now optimized for hard stops.

1.123 (10-27-2012)

  • Now physik calculations are identical on all computers
  • Rotor speed-sensitive flight behavior.
  • Heli-text added. Display the rotor speed next to the helicopter.
  • Simulation of the ground effect.
  • Three flight conditions are reversible while flying over the keys 1, 2 and 3.

1.116 (10-13-2012)

  • Heli loader fixed, negative rotor direction fixed
  • Adjustable control behaviour pitch response
  • Landing gear simulation

1.113 (10-07-2012)

  • SAB Goblin 700: adjusted flight performance
  • Adjustable control behaviour soft-middle-hard
  • Minor bug fixes

1.112 (10-06-2012)

  • Helicopter: SAB Goblin 700 (flight performance will be improved in the next update)
  • Splash screen for windows computers

1.109 (09-28-2012)

  • Gravity is adjustable for training purposes
  • Additional hover training modes for pitch and rudder
  • V-sync setting is stored in the preferences
  • Screen resolution is now in the graphics menu
  • Calibration window is shown at first start
  • Sev has corrected our English texts
  • Info window after an update
  • Savety area in the scenery MBG Mauchenmühle is smaller and we have added some collision objects

1.108 (09-19-2012)

  • Help as button
  • Training boxes can be moved
  • Landing gear can be switched by the transmitter
  • Automatic channel recognizing is now adjustable
  • More detailed descriptions in the calibration window
  • 60 seconds demo now integrated in the full version

1.106 (09-14-2012)

  • Up to 8x Anti Aliasing
  • Texture size can be reduced (for hardware with older graphic cards)
  • Adjustable start direction
  • Demo mode is working for 60 seconds

1.104 (09-08-2012)

  • Control Behaviour normal / harder
  • Pitch presets normal / harder
  • Gain for Nick, Roll and Tail

1.101 (31-08-2012)

  • Improved pitch and cyclic simulation
  • Bell 222 has now lights
  • Minor bugfixes (pitch curve, landing gear, ...)

1.1 (28-08-2012)

  • Blade Scratching
  • Helicopter: Bell 222 700E
  • Pitch Curve
  • C3 Voice Chat

1.0 (19-07-2012) First release
  • Helicopter: Align T-Rex 700E
  • Scenery: MBG Mauchenmuehle

Compatible USB controllers:

  • any remote control, which is connected to the computer per USB simulator cable. All interfaces which are delivering a joystick signal will work (instruction manual).
  • FrSky Taranis (with a regular USB cable, no other USB adapter is needed, OpenTX-USB-Joystick, eepe-Setup-File, X-Lite: otx-Setup-File)
  • Mikado V-Bar Control (with a regular USB cable, no other USB adapter is needed. Valerio Bottero describes it here: Video)
  • Graupner MZ-12 Pro (with a regular USB cable, no other USB adapter is needed. Choose the operation mode 'Joystick' in the 'USB connected' menu. And set the operation mode in the 'Misc Setting > USB Joystick')
  • X box 360 controller (Windows: install the controller supplied driver, OSX: separate drivers)
  • PS3 or PS4 controller (OSX: no driver installation needed, Windows: separate drivers)
  • RCWare RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adapter. No seperate USB cable needed, switch into joystick mode (purple: game controller). Delivers up to 8 channels. (test against other USB cables)


  • Spektrum WS-1000 WIRELESS SIMULATOR DONGLE (delivers up to 9 channels)
  • FrSky XSR-SIM USB-Dongle (instruction manual)
  • DYNAM - RC Tech 6 CH Flight Simulator Remote Control: ASIN B00ESBCZV4, ASIN B00X7H86WM, SKU 15580
  • SM100: ASIN B00E1CX0PK
  • USB Simulator cable XTR/AeroFly/FMS (4-channel USB cable and three buttons): SKU XTR01
  • Aerofly Professional and Aerofly 5 interfaces and Aerofly USB Controller (instruction manual)
  • RealFlight Interlink Controller
  • Reflex XTR interface in joystick mode (instruction manual)

These USB cables and USB transmitters are not compatible:

  • Phoenix Dongle
  • Realflight Dongle
  • AccuRC Dongle
  • Modelcraft 6 Channel USB Controller
  • BMI Gamepilot 6, 8 and 8.5 Controllers
  • Pichler FMS USB Adapter #C6091 (only the version with switch is compatible because you have to switch into mode 2)
  • Kruhlstein USB Flight Simulator Cable #KR1201 (only the version with switch is compatible because you have to switch into mode 2)

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