PAL DVD Radio Model Show in Bologna 2006

The 100 minute DVD shows the best flights of the well-known remote control airplane pilots: Sebastiano Silvestri, Markus Rummer, Alberto Carallo, Urs Kupferschmid, Bruno Geissmann, Marc Petrak, Robert Fuchs, Sebastian Fuchs, Filippo Materazzi, ... Don't miss this spectacular show. Check out the free demo videos - you'll love the outstanding film quality and camera work.

Any standard Windows PC or Apple Mac with a DVD drive will automatically playback our PAL DVDs. If you want to play them on a DVD-Player & TV, check that both support the PAL video standard.
Demo as QuickTime H.264: Bologna 2006 (10,2 MB)
Demo as Windows Media Video: Bologna 2006 (11,7 MB)
purchase here the DVD for 29,- Euro / 33,- USD
Markus Rummer - Yak 55 (Composite ARF, 3W Benziner)Markus Rummer - Yak 55 (Composite ARF, 3W Benziner)Markus Rummer - Yak 55 (Composite ARF, 3W Benziner)
Alberto Carallo - Funtana S140 (SebArt, Methanoler)Markus Rummer - Katana S (Krill, Hacker Elektro)Alberto Carallo - Katana S (Krill, 3W Benziner)
Marc Petrac und Sebastian Fuchs - Hawk (Turbine)Hawk (Turbine)Filippo Materazzi - Katana S (Krill, 3W Benziner)
Jet (Turbine)Jet (Turbine)Jet (Turbine)
Sebastiano SilvestriSebastiano Silvestri - Seba MB339 (SebArt, Turbine)Sebastiano Silvestri - Seba MB339 (SebArt, Turbine)
Sebastiano SilvestriSebastiano Silvestri - Jet (Turbine)Sebastiano Silvestri - Ultimate (Delro, 3W Benziner)
Urs Kupferschmid - Dromader PZL M18 (Moki Sternmotor)Urs Kupferschmid - Dromader PZL M18 (Moki Sternmotor)Bruno Geissmann - Fox
Hubschrauber (Turbine)Hubschrauber (Methanoler)Robert Fuchs und Sebastian Fuchs - Ultimate (3W Benziner)